Welcome to the first CTF@CIT!


  • CTF will run through April 19th-21st, 2024
  • BEGINS: April 19th @ 5PM EST
  • ENDS: April 21st @ 3PM EST

We'll be hosting a virtual award ceremony on April 21st at around 3:30PM EST. We encourage everyone who participated in the CTF to drop in and thank our sponsors and of course see who the winners are!

CTF@CIT will cover categories such as forensics, OSINT, reverse, crypto, misc, and much more! We intend on rolling more challenges out throughout the weekend to keep everyone on their toes.

Please join our Discord to stay updated with CTF announcements!

For in-person competitors only: If you are a UNH or local team looking to come by in-person on the 20th to pick up some swag, win in-person prizes, and work on the CTF with your team, please have your team captains fill out this this form so we can gather a headcount.